Dissolving Dollars: Exposing The Debt-Based Insanity Behind Modern Money


(Note: Updated in 2015 with numerous changes, including discussion of crypto-currencies like Bitcoin. Also available at http://www.createspace.com/3365433 ) Pop quiz! Where does money come from? Who makes it? What is inflation? What is the Federal Reserve? Why is America so buried in debt? Unsure how to answer such questions? Then you really can’t afford to miss this book. The fact is that while most people waste away their lives trying to get money, very few people actually know what money is in the modern world. And what money is in the modern world is nothing but debt. Through the help of the accessible style of an illustrated prose comic book, DISSOLVING DOLLARS will take you on an intriguing, eye-opening journey through American history, banking, and modern money. You’ll discover the scandalous truth about inflation, debt, interest, the Federal Reserve, banks, taxation, bailouts, economic growth, the creation of money, and much more. You’ll also discover alternatives to the current mess. Overall, DISSOLVING DOLLARS is an excellent book for anyone wanting an easy entry point to understanding the true nature of modern money. So get the inside story today. Your dollars depend on it!



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